Becoming a consumer in health care

Health care professionals are motivated by profit in order to support their livelihood.    With all this said, we all cannot be naive to think that best care always aligns with profit.  It is because of this you must become a health care consumer.  Do not just assume the products (MRIs, medications, lab tests, surgeries, long bouts of therapy) being offered to you are the best products for you.  Often times patients are surprised to hear the lack of research support behind some of the recommendations they have received from well-meaning health care professionals.  Educate yourself and seek opinions from different perspectives.   At AZPTS we will provide scientific support for all of the treatments we offer.   In times where there is not strong research to guide us we will listen to you and your response to our treatments to ensure you are progressing in the right direction.  We will also provide research to help you in making decisions. 

You must also recognize that every health care provider you encounter will come to you with their own biases.  If you see a surgeon recognize that their passion is surgery.  It is what they love to do and often recommendations that are made are influenced by this bias.  There is no doubt that there is plenty of necessary surgery occurring in our country but there is plenty of surgery that is unnecessary as well.  We operate exponentially more than any other country in the world and last time I checked the news, there were not any great pain epidemics being discussed in countries that do not share our surgical rate.  At AZPTS we recognize our bias is conservative, non-surgical, neuromusculoskeletal care.  Thankfully, we can rest easy at night due to the cost savings, low risk, and patient empowerment that our research-supported services provide.

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