Evidenced-based practice consists of three pillars:

Patient Values

This is the first and most important pillar. Our ability to see you one on one allows us to truly listen to you and learn what treatments you find value in and your unique concerns and experiences with your condition.

Best Evidence

The therapists at AZPTS have all graduated from the highest level of training in orthopedic manual therapy and teach evidence-based practice to aspiring physical therapists.

Clinical Experience

The therapists at AZPTS have the credentials and experience to compete with anyone in the physical therapy profession.

You should always be able to ask your therapist what research exists to support the treatment they are delivering to you. If all you hear are testimonials and "in my experience" statements then tread carefully as this is a huge red-flag for a treatment with little research support. Often these treatments rely on your belief and "selling you" on the benefits. The brain is a powerful thing and the placebo effect can be huge in these poorly supported interventions. If treatment claims sound too good to be true a way to evaluate these claims is here.

You deserve the best physical therapy has to offer and we aim to provide physical therapy care that reflects the current best research evidence.